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Advising : Football players
Football coaches
Football clubs
FIFA-agents and others
Co-operating with severel FIFA - agents and manegers in Europa.


Co-operating with several clubs.


Examples of tasks which can be undertaken by K.K.Consult :
Help footballplayers :
  • Develop their performance
  • Arrange training stays in Danish and/or foreign clubs
  • Finding the right club in Denmark according to their profiles
  • Finding the right club abroad according to their profiles
Help clubs :
  • Sell players to other clubs at home and abroad
  • Buy players from other clubs at home and abroad
  • Coach teams in case of illness
  • Find new coaches
Help Coaches :
  • Plan practice matches
  • Put together the optimal team
  • ´Spy´ on future opponents at home and abroad
  • Plan the training
  • Find new clubs
Help others e.g. FIFA-agents :
  • Find the right player according to the needed profil
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Juni 2000